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Youth Empowerment

“Suits for Success” is one of our community outreach solutions that encourages young men to break the cycle of poverty; mentally, physically and spiritually. In addition to physically equipping each young man with apparel and accessories, our authentic manhood programs, career development tools and resources, and our network of support will equip, empower and encourage young men to thrive in work and in life!”

We conduct workshops to promote a professional mindset and provide professional attire to economically disadvantaged young men. After completing the workshop, MBK provides each participant with professional attire to secure employment, but “Suits for Success” is much more than simply a new outfit!

“You only have one chance to make a great first impression. A first impression can make or break an interview; therefore, don’t treat these professional opportunities like fashion shows but rather a place to “dress to impress.”

MBK recruits fifteen men between the ages 16 - 30 to attend the workshops. We accept participant recommendations, donations of suits, dress shirts, ties, accessories, garment cleaning services, men’s toiletries, as well as financial contributions.

"More than simply a new outfit"

"Suits for Success has a good vibe and I would love to be around it more"


Previous workshops included:

  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Skills and Techniques
  • Job Search Skills
  • Basic Finances

Starting a Business

Man in the Mirror (Personal assessment)

Leadership and Personal Branding (Standing Out)

My Professional Self Image (Traits of Successful Professionals)

Don’t Be a Menace to Society (Morals, Values and Integrity)

Business Dress/Grooming (What a Successful Man Looks Like)

Male Encouragement Testimonies

Sponsors of Suits for Success

Thank you to our generous donors of our program.