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Silent Tears of Men

"Pathways to Wellness"

A Movement Is Born

Silent Tears of Men is the brainchild of Carol Adams, Founder of The Carol Adams Foundation, Phillip White, Founder of Six Men Connection and Master Fatherhood Trainer and Stephan “Coach” Hicks, Founder and Executive Director of My Brother’s Keeper of Greater Richmond. The combined mission of Silent Tears of Men and its related program, originated from conversations between these pioneers about the tragic loss of loved ones due to violence and how to process the pain left behind.

Other members of the core planning team are Tammie Mobley, Founder of Flawless Imperfection, LLC and empowerment coach, James Harris, Founder of Men to Heal and the Healing Hub, Vincent Ellis White, author of Finding Chris My Father, and Sean Powell, Founder of Engage the Foundation.

I Wanna Know What's Going On?

Mission and Vision

Many men suffer in silence because they do not feel that they have other men whom they can confide in without fear of feeling weak, criticized, or shamed. The silent tears that they shed stem from a multitude of reasons including emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, financial, educational, judicial, racial, and economic hardships. The bottled up hurt and pain they feel eventually spills out in ways that are detrimental to both their wellbeing, as well as, society as a whole.

Silent Tears of Men became the platform to focus on seeking wellness and healing for those affected by tragedy. We understand that there are various pathways towards men’s wellness as defined by the men themselves, not by presumption of their wellness from others. Wellness is defined as the intrinsic values of each individual and the self-reflection of where they are in relation to their goals.

Silent Tears of Men will give voice to their internal struggles, empower them with knowledge, and encourage them to make the courageous steps towards wellness while being wrapped in a relationship of brotherly love standing strong on the foundation of trust, truths and accountability. 

Men of Color Speak Out Against Systemic Racism in Our Nation

Silent Tears of Men Virtual Rally

Zoom rally in response to systematic racism in our nation.

We are inviting you to express your thoughts, feelings and more importantly, your VOICE at the Silent Tears of Men Virtual Rally. In response to the George Floyd murder and others concerning the systematic de-valuing of men of color.

Enough is enough. Once again men of color are reminded that we don't matter and are not valued by the systemic and deliberate racism of this country towards us. Many of us shed tears in silence and we do it alone. We must no longer cry alone in the dark but rise up together and let our collective VOICES be heard.

Brothers join us on Zoom - Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 6 pm (eastern standard time). Let’s show this nation that we are tired of the abuse, that we belong and have the right to be here without fear. Today it’s this man, tomorrow it couldbe your father, son, nephew, uncle, cousin, pastor, doctor. The question is "What are you going to do?

Registration for the rally is required. To participate, send us an email to [email protected] and we will send you a personal invitation to register. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the rally.

Click here to recieve your personal invitation link.: