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New Virtual Fatherhood Certificate Program

Groups Forming Now!

Who: Fathers of all ages

When: Coming September 2020

Where: In the Zoom

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm eastern standard time

Cost: 12 weekly sessions for $50 

FREE for referrals from Henrico County and Richmond City

Classes Duration:

Group 1 - Mondays, 9/14 through 12/7 (no class on 11/23)

Group 2 - Tuesdays, 9/15 through 12/8 (no clas on 11/24)

Group 3 - Thursdays, 9/17 through 12/10 (no class on 11/26)

The Next Man Up - Virtual Fatherhood Certification Program is evidence-based and helps you to develop the relationships skills necessary to engage fully, effectively and responsibly in the lives of our family and community that are healthy, nurturing and consistent. The group empowers you with practical life, fatherhood, organizational, leadership, business skills that develop maturity and solid decision-making. In addition, you will receive encouragement support that fuels you to live and model a healthy, nurturing and consistent lifestyleA certificate will be awarded upon completion.

Virtual Fatherhood Coaching Benefits 

Through our community and agency partners, we have developed a referral service to benefit our group participants.

  • Faith and Community Based Services
  • City and County Program Referrals
  • Richmond Department of Social Services Programs Referrals
  • Employment - Direct Employer Referrals
  • Career and skills training referrals

Fatherhood Development Curriculum 

The Fatherhood Development Curriculum is based on real experiences and challenges of fathers in fragile family settings. The curriculum offers support, information and motivation in areas of life skills, parenthood, relationships (including exploring marriage and Co-parenting), and the importance of health.

The NPCL Father Development Curriculum Developed by Dr. Jeffrey Johnson has the distinction of being the only Fatherhood Curriculum recommended and used in four national demonstration projects targeting fathers from diverse backgrounds.

Module I: Personal Development 

This Module includes team-building activities and incorporates interactive session on values, manhood and self-sufficiency. Fathers are encouraged to consider their own values and how they communicate them to their children, messages that society and their own families send them about what it means to be a man and a father.

This module also covers how close they are to being able to take care of themselves and their children independently.

Module II: Life Skills 

This Module includes skill-building sessions on communication, decision-making, and dealing with stress. A key theme in this module is that the ability of individuals to live satisfying, productive lives depends largely on their effectiveness as communicators and decision-makers.

Module III: Responsible Fatherhood 

(Working with Men on Parenting Skills). This Module is the heart of the curriculum, focusing on the important role that fathers play in the lives of their children. Topics covered include the roles and responsibilities of fatherhood, the impact fathers have on the way their children develop, what to expect from children at different stages of development, how to have a positive influence on children, how to handle the daily needs of children, and how to discipline children in an effective way.

Module IV: Relationship Skills 

This Module explores ways to communicate effectively and considers differences in male and female styles of communication, how to have a more positive relationships, and how to manage anger and resolve conflicts. Thus, helping Fathers and Mothers work more cooperatively and effectively together to raise their children.

Module V: Health and Sexuality 

This Module emphasizes awareness of potential health problems, suggests ways to take charge of one’s own health, replaces myths that men may hold about sexuality and substance abuse with facts, and provides skills for reducing sexual risks.

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