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Promoting Authentic Manhood

MBK Cares, we are here for you!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need prayer, personal mentoring, counseling or community resources at our new number:



During these uncertain and unprecedented times, My Brother’s Keeper of Greater Richmond is continuing to Encourage Brothers Through the storms of Life. We know that people staying together in close quarters and the financial strain of not working, homeschooling the children and social distancing can make life extremely stressful. Recent reports show increases in domestic violence and calls to suicide hotlines since the invasion of COVID 19. 


Men will be more intentional in relating to our family and community in ways that doesn't come naturally for most of us. Men will mature through guidance, direction, and practical application of life, business, and leadership skills. Men will recognize the importance of having brothers who engage, empower and encourage us to model healthy lifestyles that fuel our leadership in the family and the community.


MBK seeks to engage one another as acquaintances, empower one another as friends, and to encourage one another as brothers. We equip men through small group study, workshops, retreats, conference and seminars. Wherever a man may be on the journey of life, we provide encouragement, support, guidance, and opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, all wrapped in a package of brotherly love.

MBK is a 501c(3) organization that seeks to mentor and encourage brothers through the storms of life. Their programs, “Next Man Up”, “Suits for Success”, “The Manny Awards”, and “Silent Tears of Men” equip males of all ages with practical life and communication skills, all wrapped in a package of brotherly love.

Under Coach’s leadership, MBK has been awarded the “ Spirit of Family and Fatherhood Practitioner Award” by Richmond Family and Fatherhood Initiative, the “Community Partner of the Year” by The Healing Place, “Admirable Contributor to the Greater Richmond Community by the Metropolitan Business League, “Favorite Father in Virginia” by Virginia Family and Fatherhood Initiative and “Power of Mentoring” by Mentor Virginia.

MBK has facilitated numerous workshops at Mount Olivet Church, Tabernacle of Praise, Higher Praise Church of Deliverance, New Canaan International Church, New Birth Fellowship Ministries, First Things First, the Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference, Pathways Youth Build of Petersburg, The Healing Place, the Richmond City Justice Center, Bon Secours Community Center, the Hull Street Library and the Broad Rock Library.

MBK has co-sponsored the Chippenham Place Community Outreach, Concerned Black Men Youth Summit, Richmond Children’s Business Fair, RVA Community Fun Day, Ndugu Business and Leadership Academy, and the Fatherhood Reimagined Fatherhood Conference.

Who We Are