"Encouraging Brothers Through the Storms of Life"

We change our community, one man at a time!

This video is a representation of the mentoring that MBK has been providing over the last decade in Greater Richmond, VA.  We have facilitated hundreds of instructional classes in many different environments, across different cultures and ages.  Our goal is for You is to be a part of that change.

Discover the MAN you’ve always wanted to BE……and what it means to win at life!  At MBK, we are raising Champions for Life!

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Fatherhood Development

Fathers in Action Support Group

Previous Class at the Healing Place

Our "Next Man Up - Fathers Support Group" helps fathers to engage with their family, friends and community in ways that are healthy, nurturing and functional.

It seeks to engage men in the application of practical life and fatherhood skills through classroom instruction that leads to stronger families and community.

It encourages men to connect with their family and community in ways that are counter-intuitive to most of us in order to maintain healthy relationships.

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Youth Empowerment

Suits for Successworkshops are one of our community outreach efforts that empowers males through educational opportunities, life-skill building, career counseling and workforce development resources.

It seeks to empower males with the business skills, leadership skills, and organizational skills that lead to personal and professional advancement necessary for self-sufficiency.

It encourages males to examine how first impressions make lasting impressions, to develop a sense of style in their dress, and recognize the importance of personal grooming in obtaining and maintaining meaningful employment.

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Community Encouragement

The Manny Awards Dinner 

Our "Manny Awards Dinner" is the premier male awards programs in Central Virginia. Ir  is designed to celebrate the "Unsung Male Heroes" in our community through a semi-formal dinner that encourages men through community celebration and recognition.

It seeks to empower them by honoring their effort and intentional involvement with their families and community.

It encourages them through recognition as unsung heroes in their families and community and honors them in the presence of their families, friends, co-workers and community with a night of celebration and connection.

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Metropolitan Business League


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Rorary Club of Richmond, VA


Awarded in 2019 a grant for our Suits for Success Program by Queen of Virginia Skill & Entertainment Games

Awarded in 2018 a grant for our Suits for Success Program by the Rotary Club of Richmond

Recognized in 2018 for Admirable Community Contributions by the Metropolitan Business League

Awarded the 2017 Community Partner of the Year by Caritas

Your Donation Makes A Difference!

We are encouraged by the impact MBK has had over the past 10 years however; there is still much to be done.  Your gift ensures that father’s hearts are empowered, bringing about a powerful transformation in their lives and the lives of their children.